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Key Benefits

Our specialists start working on your infected WordPress website as soon as the order comes in. 

  • Guaranteed clean-up, done manually
  • Complete Removal of Malware Infection
  • Dedicated Security Analyst
  • Same-Day Response
  • Complete security analysis
  • Security Hardening By Expert

Saved clients say

We had limited resources to manage websites under our control and it was always a problem to be on top of their “health” and regular maintenance. We desperately needed professional support to help us protect our online presence 24/7 from all possible hacks. After several consultations with Bastion, …
Robert Frazier
Manual Cleanup By Experts

Our team of dedicated security experts will work on malware and virus removal on your WordPress site, without applying any automated tools. 

Reinstate Your Google

Search engines like Google, will blacklist you from its search engine if they notice that your website is infected with malware. Once we clean and secure your website, search engines will restore your listing. 

Complete WordPress Hardening

Easily adapt modern security practices such as security headers, 2FA, ReCaptcha and more. Our security experts will perform the complete security analysis and safeguard your WordPress with proper security measures, to lower the risk of getting hacked again.

Guaranteed Malware Removal

We guarantee that we will clean your website from the malware. However, we'd like to provide you even bigger peace of mind - in case we cannot clean it out and in case you don't have a clean backup, we will provide a full refund. 


We understand that your business relies on your website and it's important to have your site up and running in shortest period of time. 

Having said that, we start working on your site shortly after you place the order. Most of the sites can be recovered within 2-3 hours. In severe cases, that can take up to 48 hours (if you don't have a backup of your site and both site files and database were altered).

We will definitely recommend installing a security plugin if you don't have one, though we will never install any plugins without your knowledge or approval.

The only exception is when you sign up for maintenance plan. In order for our system to monitor your site - we will install a website telemetry gathering plugin which we created for this (with tiny footprint).

Once we analyze and fix your site, we will also provide recommendations on other steps you must take to ensure site does not get compromised again (like changing FTP passwords, in case we didn't have access to your hosting account). 

In case your site is hacked again within 30 days after our restoration service - we will fix it again, without any extra charges. 

The recommendations we will provide for your site will clearly indicate that you have to maintain your site and install updates as soon as they become available and we want to be absolutely transparent and ensure that both you and us are on the same page. If you decide to maintain the site yourself after we restore it for you, and get hacked within those 30 days because of not keeping up with updates, we will have to request you to re-purchase the service to fix your site again. 


When we recover your site, we will always advise you if a plugin/theme has security issues which don't have an update available. In this case, we will either suggest an alternative or provide a quote to fix the security issue for this plugin for you.

In short - no, you don't have to. When we restore your site from hack/malware - we patch it up with latest available updates and you will be fine for some time. However, if you don't have time to maintain your site after we restore it - we strongly advise on signing up for our maintenance. If site is not maintained, it's just a matter of time when the site will be compromised again.